Cheese & wine fair “Made in Malga” comes to Asiago in September

Wine & Cheese Festival Made in Malga

Made in Malga is an Italian cheese festival dedicated to mountain cheeses, which are considered to have separate qualities from other kinds of cheese. The downtown of Asiago (a town that itself gave a name to a top Italian cheese) will held the festival’s 7th edition between September 7-9, 2018. Perfect wine pairing is ensured as Mountain Wine Festival accompanies the event, however artisan beers will also be available. 

Guests can look forward to guided degustations, educational program on cheese and butter making, excursions to malghe (malga is the Italian word for both stalls and chalets);  and, mainly, to tasting typical mountain dishes such as Asiago dop cheese with sopressa and polenta, pastin, gnocchi, tosela or prosciutto crudo St. Marcel and many others.

The entrance to the festival is free, workshops (“laboratori del formaggio”) cost from 10€ / person and unlimited wine tasting of more than 200 wines from Italy and abroad costs 20€ / person.


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