Dolls by Cirk La Putyka – deep & visually stunning

Dolls, puppets and toys as our closest companions

Most of us probably believed in supernatural powers of dolls when we were children. Can we go back in time and look for this magic in Cirk La Putyka’s performance Dolls?  The show, based on functional yet visually attractive props, is a well-rounded dramatic composition full of acrobatics, modern dance and theatre, which the ensemble combines par excellence. Many stunts will leave you motionless in your seats, yet the show could be more than just a visual feast.

Dolls tend to leave very little to our imagination these days, they are very realistic, very human-like. However their role in the past used to be different, mythical, creating connection between humans and the nature and only later become symbolical and dolls started to be used as toys. Nowadays toys are just mere objects. But what role do objects have in our daily life? Have we attributed more importance to ‘modern toys’ than human-to-human interactions? Do we perhaps have better relationship with objects than with other fellow human beings? Have we lost our ability to articulate our thoughts and lead meaningful dialogues? Are we connect to the nature at all?

The show Dolls is full of subtle symbols. There is no need to look for them to enjoy the performance, however discovering them will not harm the overall impression at all.

Seen @ Jatka78 in Prague

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