Toilet humor for intellectuals

A very little is required to make art these days.

The probability of finding a modern choreographer who can keep the performers dressed is approximately as high as the current EU citizens’ excitement over the refugee influx. Naked body is about as shocking and original as medias’ reports on college shootings in the US.

Anyway, creating the impression of defecating in public is, apparently, highly artistic, so if this is what you’re looking for in physical theatre, Primal Matter is your show. No worries, the audience will applaud vividly; yelling an occasional ‘bravo’. Associations with Andersen’s Emperor’s New Clothes story are in place. Although a developed feeling for beauty or taste may be of burden.

There’s a hope – if you have a thick skin, you won’t be disappointed. Credit goes to the (one) costume, minimalistic scene and the performers, who had otherwise solid muscular strength and were also able to control a remote, switch and two cables.

Summa summarum, this contemporary parody, with few traces of humor and glimpses of the Greek ideal of kalokagathia, reflects either the director’s respect for his audience (fecal humor) or his appreciation of todays’ politics….

And so, with the anticipation of the next bailout, let’s applaud the Greeks while they digest (y)our (in)volunteered money and continue to **** on our heads.

Primal Matter

Seen @ Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza on October 2, 2015
Directed by Dimitris Papaioannou

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